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Lado Kobakhidze is a transportation and industrial designer born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1983.

In his early years, during 1989-99, Lado attended Tbilisi Fine Arts School with a major in Sculpture, where he mastered the basic principals of traditional art.

He continued his education with a BA Degree in Architecture at Georgian Technical University, in 2000-05. During this period Lado worked as a freelancer in the fields of architecture and interior design. One of the notable projects was the reconstruction of Georgian National Stadium - Dinamo Arena in 2006, where he led Interior Design team.

In 2007 Lado’s interest in transportation design led him to participation in Peugeot International Design Competition and being awarded for his "Peugeot Zippy" concept.

In 2008-09 he continued his career in Tbilisi-based Tsikolia Design R&D studio under the direction of Zviad Tsikolia, where he gained experience in industrial and packaging design.

He moved to Milan, Italy to expand his knowledge at widely known Domus Academy, MA in Transportation Design, in 2009-10. There he was involved in various projects, such as collaboration with Volkswagen and Bonetto Design studio under the direction of Marco Bonetto.

After Domus Academy he was hired by Zagato, a famous car design studio in Milan, Italy, where he worked under the direction of Norihiko Harada in 2010.

In 2010-12, Lado continued his career in China at Innovo Design, a design consultancy studio in Hangzhou, where he was in charge of transportation design department. During this period he carried out an important social research project related to the Hangzhou City public transportation and infrastructure development and also took part in Salone Del Mobile exhibition in 2011, within “Future Tradition” project.

In 2013-14 Lado worked at Georgia Industrial Development Group as a chief industrial designer.

Currently, with his multidisciplinary experience, Lado works in Tbilisi, Georgia in his studio "arté", operating in product, industrial and packaging design fields. He is also involved in several social and personal initiative projects, such as development of Georgian typography and design culture, teaching graphic design and digital sketching at Creative Education Studio.

Contact:  |  +995 593228228